The life of a Pastor’s Wife and the unrealistic expectations

So, I have read and studied and ask other Pastor’s wives how they do it and I was surprised to find that many are like me.  Okay, so I was NOT born to be the wife of a Pastor. By that I mean, I never knew God was going to put me in that role. I lived a pretty bold life in my teens and young adult years and I was not who you would expect to see nor would you have imagined my husband EVER becoming a Pastor. But God turned our lives around and here we are from Youth Leaders to he being a Pastor.

As I found from so many other Pastor’s wives, we are put on a level we have no place on nor do we desire to be there. YES, we will do anything we can to help. Yes, we serve God at home and church. Yes, we love our church but many told me to also be honest about who I am as a human. Yes, I am still a human.

So here goes. This is who I am as Pastor Dan’s wife:

I like to shoot guns. I went yesterday after 20 years. may have damaged my ear drums but I can still get center shot.

I like scary movies. Yep. I do. Never ones with demon content or possession but yes, I like some.

I get frustrated.

I am battling things that any human battles at times no matter how “Godly” you are. Has God failed me? NO! I just am not able to do anything but lean on his mercy to help me overcome.

I am brutally honest (working on that one).

I do not care if you know I falter because no one is perfect.

I am caring, loyal, loving and I always feel such compassion for abused children and animals.

I am me. I love people, I love our church, I love my husband and I of course love God.

BUT I am human, prone to mistakes and I pray daily for my failures. hat is who I am.


Author: artista10

I am an artist, photographer, wife, mom and Nonna. you can email me at Or find me on facebook under Lynda Rockel. :)

12 thoughts on “The life of a Pastor’s Wife and the unrealistic expectations”

  1. You are normal, my mum was a ministers wife for years. Still is I guess. But personally I think it’s a job that is as important as being a pastor. For without your strength he could not do what he does. X

    1. Thank you! I am sorry for the delay in responding but I was finding my way around word press after never using it and today I see the comments where I can click to see who all responded. 🙂

      1. I went to the hospital on Monday they said my pain will not get better, I will have to manage it. So I will be on pain killers all of my life, but blessed to have life hey. Hope your having a great week xx

      2. I just went to your page but I have no where to reply there. YOU are an inspiration! I LOVE your page and want to read more! You rock! I hope you and your wife are blessed with a child. Either way, you are a positive inspiration!

      3. Thanks so very much that means a lot. I wrote 365 times in 1 year. Sometimes 3 times a day. I really appreciate your kind words. Thank you. I have nerve damage due to the chemo I have had. Codine has become my friend. Sadly. But I have a life which is without doubt the most important.

  2. Well you are doing the best you can and that is great! I have to take med for my anxiety but I take that over what I was going through and I have kept the same dose far almost two years which my Doctor say’s is really good because uually the patients increase more an mor. But still, I consider that so minor to your challenge.

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