DAY 21: Anxiety, I hate you. Panic attack, go away and never come again my way.

So today was a bit of a downer. I had a few moments BUT I was able to beat them. ANYTHING is progress though, that is for sure. Nitro kept me busy, I exercised, ten minutes twice each and I ate well. I got really tense at one point so I listened to my music, read my door page I made and overcame. God gave me the mind as well as the ability to control it.

The reality is that even if you don’t believe in God, you have to focus on a higher realm that can help. I cannot nor would I push God on someone because that is their decision and I am not ashamed of mine. I choose to believe and it is one of many powerful tools that help me through.

In this journey that is long for some of you as in years and earlier for some like me, it can be fixed. We may be broken but not beyond repair. I am becoming more positive in my thinking without losing sight of the person I am. I am learning to take the negative and shrug it off better. Someone insults you or tries to bring you down? Who cares? It has NOTHING to do with you as a person or who you are.

If they say nasty things about your anxiety, panic attacks, depression or other issue, then you don’t need them in your life. It is people like that that got us where we are now. Throw them out along with your negative thoughts into your mental trashcan. Yes, I learned some things by taking a TRUE look at myself and I am not ashamed to say I NEEDED change also.

So that is where I am now. Learning to restructure my life and my thoughts and so can you. I would like to start a group where those of us who deal with this can join and understand. But in a positive way so we can grow and overcome! So it cannot DEFEAT us anymore!


Author: artista10

I am an artist, photographer, wife, mom and Nonna. you can email me at Or find me on facebook under Lynda Rockel. :)

2 thoughts on “DAY 21: Anxiety, I hate you. Panic attack, go away and never come again my way.”

  1. Today I have struggled with a deep and horrifying depression which I have not had to deal with in YEARS. I still did not have a panic attack, praise God, but the heaviness and hopelessness was relentless. I am with you on starting a group. This is really frightening, except that I keep clinging to the Word of God and listening to Christian music.

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