DAYS 11& 12 : Panic and anxiety

I had two really good days. I took a trip to see family and I am still working on resolving my issues within myself. I am learning to let go of the guilt, the past that caused this and all of the other issues that made me always think, “Of course, only me”.

It was happening to me because I allowed my mind to believe it.  Yes, things happen in life but it was my negative thoughts and disbelief in myself that brought it on.

Our minds are powerful tools but we can rise from the muck and mire as I have often heard said by others.

THAT is why I am re-training my brain. It is also why I am taking it a step at a time. In 12 days, my panics have cut back a lot. Do I still get them? They try to start off and I fight back. Some methods that are working for me are as follows:

Prayer, a page I wrote and carry with me now with a saying on it and some Bible verses that get me through. I also listen to calming music. Zen music, meditation music, spa music, and at other times nature sounds because I love Nature. Breathing techniques and more. Sounds like a lot of work because it is a lot of work BUT if it stops this, Amen to that.

I have picked up my camera again.

I have learned that the things that are stressing me out, I cannot change by stressing so I avert my mind to other things.

I am down to one med and occasional aspirin and I am trying Holy Basil BUT I have to be careful and not combine those two on the same day because both can thin the blood or so it say’s in some of the places I looked up.

I am exercising but in small amounts. Pilates , yoga, walking and all over exercises to strengthen my body along with my mind.

I usually do 10 minutes at a time for now, a couple of times a day.

So there are we are. As of now. 🙂


Author: artista10

I am an artist, photographer, wife, mom and Nonna. you can email me at Or find me on facebook under Lynda Rockel. :)

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