Some things from mine & Caroline’s kindle ebook: The Book of Understanding L.S. Rockel


Close your eyes, stop your thoughts

And just listen

What do you hear? Is it voices? Is it rain?

Is it oceans waves as they rush onto the sand?

Is it cars as they bustle about on their busy day?

Maybe it is babies crying or children laughing

Dogs barking or a cat with its mellow meow.

Is it the sound of war, crime or hate?

If you listen soft enough, you will hear other sounds as well.

The unbroken symphony of the one you love

The heartbeat of angels or the song of the hurt

The anger of the broken or the whisper of goodbye.

All of the things we miss

Because we never listen. L.S. Rockel


I feel as though I am trapped in a fortress

Trapped by your rage, unable to escape.

The walls that surround me are your hatred

And the thorns at the top are each time your bitter words

Have pierced my heart.

No flowers grow here, only weeds of destruction

Waiting to choke the last of my strength.

Inside of me, where happiness strives to live

Your vines of anger entangle my heart

Trying to destroy any joy or contentment.

I hope to break free of this prison

And smile once again.

I want to wake each day without your dark shadow hanging over me

And to laugh without feeling the punishment of your revenge.

I know one day I will become whole again.

When I do, I will become a blossoming, beautiful rose

And you will be a choking weed, dying until you find more sunlight to destroy.

L.S. Rockel


As autumn approached, leaves fell from the trees

Their colors changing to oranges, reds and brilliant yellow.

Finally, they lost all of their color and they shriveled and died.

I felt some of my heart do that the day you died.

Winter came and snow fell, still and majestically white

Yet its icy touch froze everything surrounding it.

The part of my heart that died with you froze along with it.

Then the seasons flew by and over time

Another spring came and brought with it beautiful rays of brightness.

Trees filled with new blooms and leaves

Birds sang songs of joy and restoration

And flowers bloomed in colors of brilliance.

It was then I knew I had also changed.

Where once I had felt empty, I could feel the flutter of joy.

My frozen pieces of heart began to thaw

Feeling the passion, once again, of being alive.

Just as the seasons had passed and brought new life

So was my heart reborn once again

And I could begin to live once more.   L.S. Rockel


Author: artista10

I am an artist, photographer, wife, mom and Nonna. you can email me at Or find me on facebook under Lynda Rockel. :)

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