Journal to overcome and get rid of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Day One: I thought I would share my journey. The ups and the downs. The Good, the Bad, The Ugly.

This may help others who suffer or have suffered this terrible demon. I am starting this journey alone with the a prayer warrior or two and honestly, I don’t how it will go. But, for those who understand, maybe we can ride this road together.

1. Let go. This morning, I am letting of “what if’s”. So what?  If isn’t here yet. When it comes I will  have to take it head on. Will it work? Day one, so we will see, Lord Willing, how it progresses.

2. Let go of anger. If someone has harmed you, whether you or right or they are, it is just an obstacle in our path. You cannot change them, you cannot make them be what you need, you cannot make them understand. Let it go.

3. Take responsibility that we did this to ourselves. Like it or not, we allowed our brain to accept this fear. Now we have to stand up and fight back.  This is NOT a mental illness, it is a Behavior illness that we gave to our mind.

4. Train your thoughts to a vision that shows you armed for battle. Be courageous. Get our swords ready.

5. We CAN do it. But we cannot place blame. It hurts us, not the ones who hurt us. If we must fight this battle alone, God has plenty of warriors to stand by our side.

6. Take charge of the things we can control and that valuable thing is our mind. Teach the Amygdala (a part of your brain) that you are not a victim but a victor.

7. Some of us are on meds for these issues. NEVER attempt cold turkey on your own. Get your doctor to help.

8. We have to realize this is NOT something we have to live with. Yes, it may be a challenge but we need to take our lives back. No one who has not been through it can understand it.

9. Let GO of the past. Build a brick wall each day to stop the past from entering. We cannot change it so therefore, we should not dwell on it. It is DONE.

10. It is not weak people that battle this. It is strong and intelligent people that somehow got turned around and led our minds through this path for reasons known or unknown.

OKAY, this is my day one battle. So far, it is working. I would also like to say this is something I am sharing as I go. I do not claim to offer medical advice, treatment or anything else. I am just sharing what I am going through.


Author: artista10

I am an artist, photographer, wife, mom and Nonna. you can email me at Or find me on facebook under Lynda Rockel. :)

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