Why People do not come to church anymore and their answers as to why

I invite a lot of people to church via internet and in person. I get a lot of “Um, sure.”, “Yeah I might check it out some time” “well sure when I get a day off” and the excuses go on and on. So, I decided to ask my friends and just people I have on there the “REAL” reason they don’t come, just honest answers. here is what I got back and I shortened the list to the  most popular reasons. So, here they are:

1. Fake people. They went on to explain they had visited several churches where people were friendly but they felt somewhat snubbed if they were not dressed up nicely enough and /or just did not seem to fit the “pattern”.

2. The churches that never checked back to see how they were doing. They felt if a church did not care enough to check, they did not really care.

3. Church splits. They would go to a church for a while, love it, feel all this love and then one person gets mad and the church splits. The thing that caused them to leave was because they felt if the people who left were as committed as they acted, they would have stuck it out. They said it should have been about God and his love, not about that persons anger or un-forgiveness.

4. FACEBOOK: What a shocker! Not really. Not for me anyway. They said they would meet people from church, join or see their face book and see Bible quotes, scriptures, I love God and etc. and then next they see cussing, arguing, talk about sex, half nude pics and etc. To them that was a turn off because they said they KNEW their lives were screwed up but why go to learn about God when the people there at church don’t even apply what they supposedly live.

5.Kids and the parents lack of respect for a church or the Pastor. They said that they went to churches where they saw such a lack of respect for making he kids learn that this is a place for worship and teaching kids about God. Not a daycare center.

6. IF they come to church, they will be judged or the people will smile to their face and they hear whispers behind their back. They said they have worldy friends that are better than that to them.

This is a list or REAL” reasons from real people so maybe we should all think long and hard about this list and how we live our lives. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes but be what you say you are. IF you mess up and someone knew is there, admit it. IF you have face book and talk about how great God is, do not turn around and do number 4. THEY are watching.

So, on that note, I told them I was publishing this.


Author: artista10

I am an artist, photographer, wife, mom and Nonna. you can email me at bluediamond1918@gmail.com. Or find me on facebook under Lynda Rockel. :)

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